Date: 2019-01-28 08:28:47

Amritsar Weather : Today – Sunny with a high of 61 °F (16.1 °C). Winds NW at 6 to 7 mph (9.7 to 11.3 kph).

Condition : Sunny.

Forecast for tonight:

Tonight – Clear. Winds variable at 5 to 7 mph (8.0 to 11.3 kph). The overnight low will be 36 °F (2.2 °C).

Wind & Pressure:
Wind: 6 mph NW.
Pressure: 29.4 inches.

Amritsar Climate Overview

Amritsar has a normal height of 234 meters.

IT likewise has a semiarid atmosphere, normal of Northwestern India and encounters four seasons fundamentally, winter season with temperature ranges from 0 °C to around 15 °C, summer season where temperatures can reach 42 °C, rainstorm season and post-storm season.

Yearly precipitation is around 681 millimeters. The most reduced recorded temperature is −3.6 °C, was recorded on 9 December 1996 and the most noteworthy temperature, 48.1 °C, was recorded on 22 May 2013.

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