Date: 2019-01-28 04:46:18

New York Weather : Today – Mostly cloudy with a high of 32 °F (0.0 °C). Winds variable at 6 to 12 mph (9.7 to 19.3 kph).

Condition : Cloudy.

Forecast for tonight:

Tonight – Cloudy. Winds variable at 8 to 11 mph (12.9 to 17.7 kph). The overnight low will be 31 °F (-0.6 °C).

Wind & Pressure:
Wind: 8 mph NW.
Pressure: 30.0 inches.

New York City Climate Overview

New York City located in the souther tip of the state of New York is the most populous mega city in the United States. It has a population of over 8.6 MM as of 2017.

It is the center of the New York metropolitan area, the largest metropolitan area in the world by urban landmass.

The city features a humid subtropical climate. Winters are cold and damp, and prevailing wind patterns that blow offshore temper the moderating effects of the Atlantic ocean.

The partial shielding from colder air by Appalachians keep the city warmer in winter as compared to the inland North American cities at lesser latitudes such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Indianapolis.

The daily mean temperature in January, the area’s coldest month, is 32.6 Degree F. Temperatures usually drop to 10 Degree F several times per winter and reach 60 Degree F several days in the coldest winter month.

Spring and Autumn are not predictable and can range from chilly to warm, although they are usually mild with low humidity.

Summers are typically warm to hot and humid, with a daily mean temperature of 76.5 Degree F. Nightime conditions are often worsen by the urban heat island phenomenon, while daytime temperatures exceed 90 Degrees F on average of 17 days each summer and in some years exceed 100 Degrees F.

The average water temperature of the nearby Atlantic Ocean ranges from 39.7 Degree F in February to 74.1 Degree F in August.

The city also receives 49.9 inches of precipitation annually, which is relatively evenly spread throughout the year. Average winter snowfall has been around 25.8 inches and varies considerably from year to year.

Tourism is an essential industry for the city of New York. The city has seen a growing number of tourists, both national from another states and international. Majority of the international tourists are from United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and China.

I Love New York is both a logo and a sond which is used for an advertising campaign to promote tourism in the city.

Major tourist destinations include Times Square, Broadway theater productions, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the United Nations Headquarters, museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, green spaces such as Central Park and Washington Square Park, Rockefeller Center and the Manhattan Chinatown.

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